Upholstery cleaning and care

Whether your car is a top of the range, brand spanking new beauty, or a more beloved classic, taking care of the interior surfaces is an important part of your car care, which can sometimes be neglected. Thinking about the sort of dirt which vehicle seating and carpeting can attract, there is of course a hygiene aspect to consider. Trapped food, bacteria and all sorts of nasties can lurk unwanted in your car, so some time spent on your car will obviously be beneficial to your health! Looking after the upholstery properly will prolong its life, maintaining more of the cars value, as well as enhancing your comfort and making the drive feel, and smell, so much nicer.
Interiors of course tend to be made for comfort as well as appearance, and while the exterior is often simply about safety and durability, the softer surfaces inside are much more susceptible to dirt and damage. Modern materials are of course more dirt repellent, and have been created to stay cleaner for longer, but even luxurious, wipe clean leather will require help to keep it supple, shiny and dirt free.
The first point is to remember, obviously, is to take some care. Don’t smoke, eat or drink in the car if you can avoid it, to stop any spillages, smoke pollution or accumulation of sticky residues. Do try to vacuum and wipe down inside regularly this way you will avoid the build up of grime which so often happens if it is left. Look at specialist products for the fabrics and materials in your car, and use them specifically according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do check that you are using the correct product – modern interiors for example may look like leather but be manufactured from a different material which will not take too kindly to leather treatment.
If you have purchased a used car, or there has been a spill or damage to your upholstery, these simple tips probably won’t help you. Instead what you really must do is talk to a reputable professional. Particularly bad stains or smells will be almost impossible to clear without their help, and you also run the risk of inflicting more damage on your cars interior by doing the job incorrectly. A professional will be able clean thoroughly, efficiently and safely around the cars electrics, and usually will offer a much deeper and long lasting clean which will extend the life of your upholstery and therefore your motor, and mean that in future you simply need to keep up regular maintenance to keep the car looking good and smelling sweet.