Smoke Free Cars

Smoke Free Cars

Back in 2014 the following was up for discussion 

‘We’ve seen lots in the new recently about the proposed ban on smoking in cars carrying children which was backed in February 2014 by MPs. It has been an interesting debate, with critics suggesting the move is a draconian, ‘nanny state’ authoritarian erosion of liberty.

Health campaigners say the smoke fumes contained within the confined space of a car is something close too 11 times more concentrated, and the law is absolutely crucial to protect the health of our children.

The ban is expected to come into general force by October this year. Penalties are expected to include a GBP50 on the spot fine by police officers, followed by court fines of up to GBP800 for a passenger caught smoking. The driver who allows a smoker to light up while carrying children will likely face vastly stiffer fines of up to GBP10,000 if they or a passenger. This places the onus on the driver to take responsibility for passenger’s behaviour.


As far as we can see, the vast majority of people no longer smoke with children in the car anyway, as the dangers of passive smoking, especially for children, have been widely publicised. For most of us who love our motors, smoking inside has long been considered passe, but for those who cannot face a traffic jam without one, this may be the perfect time to quit.’

From October 2015 the following legislation was put in place

From 1st October 2015 the Smokefree (Private Vehicles) Regulations 2015 prohibit any person from smoking in any enclosed private vehicle when another person under the age of 18 years old is present inside the vehicle. This applies to both the driver and any passengers.