Off Roading

Off roading is an increasingly propular sport, involving the use of a variety of vehicles across non road terrain, from 4 x 4s and ATV’s to bikes and beyond. It certainly is not an easy hobby, taking skill and the right vehicle for the terrain, but if you are interested in learning about off roading, then there are a variety of clubs and association to help you get started.

Off road vehicles can be any type of vehicle which is capable of crossing any non paved surface from muddy countryside, to desert, snow, rocks or ice. Generally this includes ATV’s, 4×4’s, and large vehicles with special suspension, low gear capabilities to fully utilise engine power in difficult terrain, and large, open tread tyres. The increase of 4×4 vehicles in the mid 20th century, primarily as working utility vehicles led to the beginning of the hobby, which has led to the evolution of different types of vehicle designed to cross between country or off road use and those specifically for leisure and sporting purposes. In the UK, environment means that off roading clubs and tracks tend to access countryside tracks and rough terrain. More serious devotees will be able tot ravel abroad to try ATV’s in deserts or glaciers on specialist trips.

BORDA, the British Off Road Driving Association has a strict code of conduct to ensure the safety of participants and to help allay any environmental concerns, and offer a full members list of clubs, training schools and providers who adhere properly to these points of conduct. See their website for further information.