About Kit Cars

As a student, I spent quite a lot of time pottering around my house, (attending lectures once in a blue moon of course) watching my landladies partner out in the driveway tinkering with a variety of car parts, complicated instructions and, if I am honest, bad language! I never really understood his fascination with building kit cars until I watched him complete the first project he finished whilst I was there, and then suddenly, it made sense.
Making a kit car is not the same as buying any new or used car. Even though in the first instance you may do similar research read some magazines and examine other on the road, buying the kit is a completely different experience. This time however, you don’t go anywhere near a show room, and are unlikely to be able to find an outlet which stocks much variety. What you will need to do instead, is go to a show, see if you are able to test drive a few, or even arrange to visit factories.
Kit cars are not, contrary to popular belief, a particularly cost effective way to go. They once were more so, but in modern motoring with modern manufacturing techniques can certainly mount up, particularly if you are planning on major customisation. ~Some parts are included as a matter of course and some aren’t, and some will be supplied but with the need for modification as standard, which again will only increase the bill. What you must make sure of is which parts are included in your kit and what will be extra, as it is these factors which will drive up the cost of taking on a kit car build.
Furthermore, as discovered years ago by my landladies partner, a kit car is nought to build at home. Sounds perfectly obvious, but do remember that building at home means that you will need somewhere to do the work, and the tools to do it properly. Some tools can be hired, but some cannot and good tools are certainly not cheap. Another thing to consider is of course the work tat will need to be put in. Most kit cars come with seriously comprehensive instruction, but basic skills will be key, so make sure you are prepared for the job.
All of that aside, the real perk is that with a kit car you can literally build your dream motor. Whether it be classic or ultra modern, heavily customised or true to an original format, you have the satisfaction of creating and then owning something you really, truly want.