J.W Engineering
We at JWE are professional and friendly transmission specialists with a vast amount of experience in the application, design, repair and manufacturing of Propshafts, Gearboxes, Universal Joints and doing Dynamic Balancing & Fitting services. We first established more than 40 years ago and ever since then, our company has gone from strength to strength. We have made a name for ourselves and our services are used by a variety of people from private individuals to large corporate companies. We aim our buisness to car owners, commercial car owners, industrial agricultural companies and even those in the marine / boating world.


  • Car & Commercial Propshafts
  • Repair Car & Commercial Gearboxes (Manual) With Fitting Service (On Some)
  • Universal Joints
  • Axles & Clutches
  • Dynamic Balancing & Fitting
  • Repairs, Servicing & Modifications
  • Fit Mercedes Light Commercial Propshaft Universal Joints For Sprinter & Vito Vehicles
  • Vehicle Road Tests

Our portfolio of work is very varied: we have previously done propshaft conversions for racing vehicles we have done work for BMW Airwaves touring cars, and we have carried out work for Drift racing teams too. As an extra part of our service, we have also done propshaft modifications on vintage cars and trucks, fire engines and coaches. We always try to accommodate all client requests so if you are in need of a propshaft modification or repair then do contact us to see if we can do it for you. We stock a wide range of universal joints, centre bearings and other components to assist in our work too.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Or visit our website to see some of our deals we have on offer:

Call us today on either: 01322 556 554 / 01322 559 852
Email us on: jwebarnehurst@yahoo.com
Visit our website: www.jwtransmissions.co.uk

Address & Contact

Our Address

1-5 Barnehurst Road, Barnehurst, Bexley Heath, Kent. DA7 6EY