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Industrial Friction Materials Ltd are passionate about supplying quality replacement friction discs to the motor repair industry, with a fast turnaround This will enable you to continue providing your customers with an efficient service and the quality parts they require. As a valued customer there would be no need for concern as with our team of friction specialists accompanied with our expertise in troubleshooting you can be assured you are in safe hands.

The majority of replacement parts needed to maintain servo motors and machines in the automation industry have long delivery times, if they are available at all. We know that our customers can’t wait long periods of time for their parts. We also know it’s impractical for our customers to stock large quantities of friction discs they may need for motor repairs.

Because of this, and the fact that the servo motor manufacturers have limited availability of its parts, we have made it our policy to stock as many types these servo motor friction discs as we can. By stocking a variety of friction discs, in high quantities we eliminate the long delivery times. We have a healthy supply of the most commonly used gear tooth friction discs made from the OEM’s ‘NAF’ friction material these are vital to servo motor repairs.

Although we stock a large quantity of the most commonly used gear tooth friction discs, we also manufacture other branded servo motor friction discs that are completely unavailable. Through the use of reverse engineering we can recreate and replace friction components right in house.

It is because of these measures that we are able to offer a reliable, rapid response option for servo motor repairers. Our friction discs are as good as, or even better than, the original components, and in most cases the OEM’s friction material is used for an exact replacement part. Ultimately we work hard every day to keep our shelves fully stocked with friction discs, to enable your motor repair service to run efficiently.

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