Hamilton Classic Ltd
We at Hamilton Classic Ltd are an on-line shop supplying motoring enthusiasts worldwide with quality products for classic and sports vehicles. We were first founded in 2002 by Alastair Flack who had the sole purpose of offering people quality products at affordable prices. The team here has a vast amount of experience in the classic car trade and a wealth of knowledge that spans over 25 years this enables us to provide you the very BEST products of their type as well as offering helpful and friendly advice.

We have spent a great deal of time and effort researching all the products we have on offer, to ensure that not only do we offer you the best items for your money, but also that we can give you the best advice in relation to their use. We would rather not sell you a product that wouldn’t be suitable for your particular vehicle – It would be no good to you and certainly no good to us either! So we guarantee that you will walk away with the right item specifically designed for your type of vehicle!


  • Car Covers For Vehicles In A Garage: Fitted Covers, & Indoor Ventilated Cover Systems
  • Car Covers For Vehicles Outdoors: Fitted Covers (Full Body & Top Covers), & AutoPod Temporary Garages
  • Marquees Race Rally Exhibition: Different Marquees & Accessories
  • CTEK Battery Chargers
  • Car Transport Covers
  • Car Carpets
  • Car Floor Over Mats
  • Entrance Mats
  • Car Storage Products: Dehumidifying Crystals, & Shelters
  • General Accessories: Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge, Alloy Directors Chairs, Jump Starter Power Bank, Spot Lamp Covers, Car Seat Covers, Car Wing Covers, Oil Spillage Trays, Tyre Cases, Tyre Jackets, & Tyre Trainers
  • Marquee Printing
  • Lifestyle Products: Classic Scarfs, Driving Coats, & Driving Gloves
  • Minilite & Revolution Wheels
  • Motorbike Covers: Indoor Covers
  • Tyre Care Products: Digital Tyre Pressure Gauges, Wheel Rain Spats, Wheel Covers, Tyre Transport & Storage Cases, Tyre Jackets, & Tyre Trainers
  • TR7 Competition Parts
  • Valeting & Cleaning Products: Absorber Chamois, Nenette Polish Brush, & First Class Car Duster
  • & We even have some vehicles for sale!

We are renowned for our quality covers & shelters! We have a selection covers for indoor and outdoor use, that are made from soft, breathable fabric, which is completely dust proof. For outdoor covers, they are also fleeced lined for added protection. They can be tailor made to fit your car exactly and they can even come in a range of colours including grey, black, yellow, red, navy, blue & green etc. We have a range of shelters too from portable garages & storage units to marquee tents that enables your car to be stored safely and be fully protected. We have a selection of different sizes to choose from depending upon the size of your vehicle.

If you are attending an event, exhibition or race then one of our marquees would be perfect for you! They not only protect your vehicle from the elements but they also provide a good stage to promote you and your car. We have the facilities to do ‘Marquee Printing’ where we can put your promotional material like your logo on them.

We even have a range of accessories available at affordable prices from mats and seat covers to tyre pressure gauges and tyre trainers. They are each of the best quality and will never let you down! We have a selection of cleaning and valeting products too which will make your car look brand new once again.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Or you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest products, news and deals:

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