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We at GST Racing Seals have over 35 years of experience in producing higher performance oil and grease seals. Nearly 25 years of that time were also devoted to global motorsports, high performance road and off-road vehicles. Our products can be designed for almost any motorsport applications and we even offer a wide range of seals for use on Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) plus a range of Automatic Transmission Seals. We are offering problem-solving skills and custom sealing solutions to improve your performance on the racing track. Race teams and car constructors across the UK have found significant benefits from using our world-leading, cost-effective seal products.

Our bespoke seal designs and performance improvements, can not be achieved with standard sealing products. We offer a vast variety of premium performance products such as engine seals, transmission seals, oil seals, hydraulic seals, low friction PTFE Lined Seals (PLS) and HD2 Seals.

Our full list of products includes:

    • Engine Seals
    • Transmission Seals Upright / Wheel Hub / Bearing Seals
    • Off-Road / Desert–Racing Hub Seals
    • Misc Seals
    • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Seals
    • Miniature Seals
    • Low Friction Steering Pinion & Rack Seals
  • HD2 SEALS:
    • Transmission Seals
  • Porsche 917 LMP Upright/Hub Seals

Our engine seals are designed to make your vehicle run continuously at higher speeds and for a longer reliable life previously achievable by other engine seal types. Our company have developed innovative seal technologies, which overcome the shortcomings in the older style PTFE seal technologies – rest assured you will only receive the highest quality products when you buy from us!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you!

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29 Loveridge Lane, Southampton, SO15 1GQ