Castle Chrome
We at Castle Chrome are a professional team of skilled metal polishers and platers with many years experience of polishing, chrome, copper, and nickel plating. All our work is triple plated. We take on all types of projects, no matter how big or small so don’t hesitate in getting in contact.

All our work is undertaken in house by ourselves and treated with the utmost care and attention, giving the high quality finish. We even do it for the most reasonable price possible.

We are specialists in the restoration of Motorcycle and Car bright work.

Looking for a rough estimate? well we have a few ways we can can accommodate you: You can either give us a call or if you want an exact price, you bring in anything for us to look at. Also you can also post things to us, and we can then contact you with a price for your item. We can provide a rough estimate by e mail too, if you send us some photos.

We would also appreciate if you are sending us exhausts, could you please clean them out first, as the carbon can block our filters. To do that, you can clean them by putting a rubber bung either end and filling with petrol or thinners. Then shake it daily for a week to remove all the carbon inside. Then finally just jet wash it out and we can do the rest. Can you remove any paint that is on any of your items too.

**References are available if desired.

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Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or you can simply come down and see first hand what we can do for you – we would love to meet you!

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Unit F1, Shaw Road, Dudley, West Midlands. DY2 8TP