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We at BGH Geartech Ltd are specialist manufacturers of quiet, efficient, improved, close ratio ford gearboxes for fast road, road & track circuit racing, hill & sprints. Offering an honest and a high quality product based on years of experience.

Founder Brian Hill was instrumental in designing the six speed gearbox currently used by Caterham Cars and is an experienced engineer and designer of the ‘old-school’.

We produce a range of close ratio uprated gearboxes based on Ford gearboxes. As well as improved ratios, the gearboxes are modified to improve lubrication (and therefore strength) the quality of the synchromesh and shift as well as a non-loss breathing system.

If your first gear is so low it is useless or if your engine is always falling off the cam, you probably need a close ratio gearbox, or at least one with a higher first gear. A close ratio gearbox transforms the way the car can be driven, the speeds in each gear also go up substantially, which helps in the traffic lights grand prix. If you’re are in competition, a close ratios gearbox is essential.

In addition to our excellent close and ultra close ratio gearboxes BGH also offers an exchange rebuild service for standard Ford gearboxes at very competitive rates. We provide a driveshaft manufacture and differential service ‘SHAFTTECH’ to mate any type of diff or transaxle to any kind of hub. If you are having a problem mating a Renault transaxle to Cosworth hubs or any problem of this nature, give us a call.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you!

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