We at Audio Advice have been designing and installing the finest in car entertainment systems for the past twelve years. The staff at Audio Advice use traditional skills along with advanced interior design to ensure your pride and joy leaves exceeding your expectations. In the last couple of years our branch in Northern Ireland have also taken these skills and experience into the Home Audio sector too. Our fully qualified electricians, joiners and decorators ensure you have the highest quality finish from speakers to lighting, amplifiers to wallpaper. Audio Advice N.I. really is your one stop shop for all your home and car audio requirements.

At Audio Advice we have a real passion for audio. Because it’s our passion, we want to share it. Our motivation is to give fellow audio lovers products that let you get the best out of your music. Because nothing can move you like a true audio experience. So, whether you like it pure or you need it loud, let us help you reach the goal of exhilarating audio perfection.

Through the years we have been fortunate enough to win some major accolades from national car press and our peers including Best UK Demo Car, Best European ICE Car and Best Installer. We have also featured heavily in national magazines over the years including Performance BMW, Total Vauxhall, Fast Ford, Redline, Fast Car and Max Power.

Even though we have been fortunate enough to gain the above coverage and awards our main car audio goal is audio excellence whilst still retaining a full factory (OE) appearance. We do prefer to describe it as OE+ which is as the vehicle manufacturer would have done it – but better. So subtlety and exacting trim materials combined with bespoke fabrication are key to providing the optimum audio experience with a factory look. Want great audio but dont want to necessarily see any kit? No problem – just let our skilled installers make your requirements a reality.

A recent addition to our product portfolio is the Stinger DSi system. This stunning system was tested by Fifth Gear and was regarded as being the best system available.

A fairly straight forward statement but one that defines what we do.

Whether that be a simple audio upgrade to your company car that needs to be hidden and practical, or the addition of dvd player and screens to the family transport or a dedicated high end SQ or Show car – we can not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We pride ourselves in our installation abilities and techniques. We take great care and attention with every job we undertake to ensure our clients get exactly what we promised.

Rear seat entertainment is something of a speciality at Audio Advice. When installing screens we take the same approach as we do with all our custom car audio work – to make it look like it was supplied from the dealer that way. Rear screens can be done in a few different ways depending on what the client requires. Some vehicles are suited to fold down roof style monitors while others can accommodate individual headrest screens – some like both!

Other Services
Custom Audio is our main trade mark but we also offer a whole host of additional services for vehicles. Over the last year or so our custom work has became more and more subtle with clients wanting the best audio experience but done to factory standards and with no loss of space. This transformation is now something of an Audio Advice speciality.

We can also offer the following services to our very high standards. Please give us a call or an e-mail for any enquiries regarding any of the below services.

  • Leather retrimming
  • Park distance sensors
  • Alarm systems
  • Phone kits
  • i-pod integration
  • Electronic gate openers