We service, troubleshoot, repair and recharge the airconditioning systems of cars and other vehicles.

We concentrate only on the air conditioning system although we are occasionally forced to stray into heater problems if that is affecting the AC. Similarly we sometimes need to look for electrical faults if they are preventing the correct operation of the AC system.

We do not dabble with Refrigeration or with the airconditioning of buildings of any kind. We are pure specialists in the aircon of vehicles whether they be cars, trucks, combine harvesters, agricultural tractors, coaches or plant.

We specialize to the extent that we do not even get involved in new installations of AC into cars – only the diagnosis of problems, and the repair and recharging of existing systems.
We offer three other things that you might not get elsewhere –

1. Expertise – We’ve been doing this for quite a while so most problems are not completely new to us.

2. Equipment – We need quite large vans to accomodate all the equipment that we use.

3. Honesty – We strongly believe that honesty is always the best policy, both in life and in business. We will always be straight with you – no porkies, nor will we try to pull the wool over anyones eyes.